Put someone in the spotlight! Just because they rock!


How? By giving a very special package: the Rok Box. The Rok Box is a package with top brands, all of which try to make the world a better place.TIMI helps women in Tibet to become financially independent. Women in Peru earn a fair salary thanks to Rokbar. Frank about tea pays tea farmers a fair price without the middlemen. Cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast earn from a residual product thanks to Kumasi Juice. Beer brewery Gebrouwen door vrouwen (brewed by women) is run by women only!

Which Rok Box do you choose?

From bean to bar, made and owned by women

Rokbar is a chocolate bar made and owned by women. Because women produce 50% of the world’s cocoa beans, but they only get 10% of the economic gain.

While savouring your chocolate bar you create opportunities for women. By buying Rokbar for your relations you make a conscious choice for quality, equality and sustainability. With Rokbar the profits flow back to all women involved in cocoa production, chocolate making and trading.

How does that taste?

Our chocolate bar is CO2 neutral

Printed on 100% recycled paper

We wrap our chocolate in recyclable plastic

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) goal 5: Gender equality

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) goal 12:Responsible consumption and production

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