Delicious good quality chocolate

Do you like chocolate? And do you like it dark or more creamy? Pure or richly flavoured with coffee or mocha or little chunks of caramel, ginger or orange peel? Whatever chocolate you like, we’ve got news for you.

Rokbar is a new kid on the block: delicious, good quality, mouthwatering chocolate. But with a little extra. Rokbar is a chocolate bar 100% made and owned by women. Because women produce 50% of the world’s cocoa beans, but they only get 10% of the economic gain. With Rokbar the profits flow back to all women involved in cocoa production, chocolate making and trading. Thus Rokbar creates a fair marketing channel for women in the cocoa industry.

While savouring your chocolate bar you create opportunities for women. By buying Rokbar for your relations you make a conscious choice for quality, equality and sustainability.

How does that taste?

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