Entries by Garlic

Heilige boontjes meets cacao beans

Do you know Heilige Boontjes yet? This coffee-seller in Rotterdam gives young, former prisoners a second chance by offering them employment and supporting them with, for example, housing.

Rokbar to attend the Wereldwijven symposium

The Wereldwijven is a unique network of Dutch women who live around the globe. Their first symposium was on 5 October 2019! About storytelling of course. Rokbar was present there with a stand.

Gold for our chocolate maker

Our Peruvian chocolate bar is made in Lima, Peru by Shattel. Lisi Montoya and her team make delicious chocolate from beans from different areas of the Peruvian Amazon area. Chocolate that wins prizes!

Thanks for your compliments and tips

We were proud but also curious: what would you think of our product? Many interested people visited our stand, 67 of you filled out a survey about the taste, the design, the information and the pricing.