Climate change and chocolate

Every now and then someone says that climate change may cause us to run out of chocolate. We wanted to know what is actually true? Is there really a chance that we will soon no longer be able to enjoy a piece of chocolate with our tea? Rokbar looked into it.

Consequences for everyone

Temperatures are rising and dry periods are becoming more severe. Climate change seems to be accelerating or at least getting more intense. The consequences not only affect us humans, but certainly also nature. Animals have to travel longer distances for food or die en masse due to the shrinking of their habitats. Plants also face challenges. Due to the higher temperatures, moisture evaporates faster. And without moisture, plants cannot grow and produce fruits. Something that affects the cocoa trees as well.


Did you know that the cocoa tree (Theobroma cacao) is a pretty picky plant? Only under the right conditions in terms of moisture, sun and soil will this tree grow and develop fruit. She does not like direct sunlight and therefore prefers to be in the shade and really only grows between 20o north and 20o south latitude. So that climate change is affecting cocoa farming makes perfect sense, and potentially dramatic for our favorite tree.

Future vision

If the earth continues to warm, less chocolate will eventually come from countries such as Ghana and Ivory Coast. Less cocoa also means less chocolate to process. Ultimately, the prices of the bars will increase (supply & demand). If we want to continue to enjoy our guilty pleasure without worries in the future, it is important to stop the rapid global warming.

Bright spot

In the meantime, there is a bit of good news because a large candy manufacturer is working with a number of smart people on the development of cocoa trees that can withstand drought better. Of course, this does not mean that we should not be extra kind to our planet! Surely we also want to give our great-great-grandchildren a piece of Rokbar?