Our rok-and-roll ride so far…

“Yes, we are a bit late for the International Women’s Day, but still! Can women please be in the entrepreneurial spotlight sometimes?”


This is how a great article in women magazine ELLE starts. It’s about six organizations that focus and thrive thanks to incredible power women. It is great that Rokbar is mentioned as a company that promotes equality and social justice.

Rokbar has been in the news regularly since its establishment. There were articles in the Biojournaal, in One World, newspaper Trouw, in the Choc Check chocolate blog and in KoffieTcacao, the magazine for coffee, tea and cocoa.

We were also promoted by Tony Chocolonely as a ‘must-have’ bar during a seminar on cocoa and sustainability at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. And House of Rebels organized a press day for brands they support, of which Rokbar was a part. For example, we hitch a ride in the goodie bag for the participants. Queen Maxíma is now also familiar with Rokbar. She received a bar after her presentation and participation in the financial inclusion seminar, organized by KIT and FMO in Amsterdam.

Why are we telling you this? Because we are a starting brand and we need visibility. Of course we like to sell our bars to consumers in as many stores as possible. But we are also looking for companies that want to buy our bars as a sustainable gift for their relations and staff. The more we are in newspapers and magazines, the more people get to know our name.

Join the movement!