Rokbar is an alternative that Roks!

Rokbar is more than another brand of chocolate in the market. We stand for equality and social justice. And we believe in an alternative economy, where quality, equality and humanity win from quantity, unfairness and profit.

Do you believe in this too? Then we want to connect to you and your company. To us you are not just a customer who wants to buy good quality chocolate. Buying our chocolate means we share the same ideas. Eating Rokbar is joining the movement for change.


We aim to contribute to a more equitable world by empowering women along the cocoa value chain in their business ambitions and financial sustainability and do this by reinvesting our profits from the ROKBAR sales into the cocoa value chain.


With everything we do, we aim to promote participation and visibility of women in the cocoa value chain. We support female entrepreneurship.


Our products are produced, processed, made and owned by women.


Rokbars are produced, processed, made & owned by women whereby we welcome supporting services around the value chain from men: logistics, translation, financing, etc. #HeforShe

Rokbars are fully traceable throughout the value chain

Rokbar is transparent on price composition, costs and benefits, challenges and impact

Rokbar rewards quality cocoa in a transparent and fair way

Rokbar is a social enterprise, whereby profits go back in the further development of the Rokbar

Rokbar is a middle segment chocolate bar, using natural ingredients and a relatively high cocoa content.

Rokbar builds the capacity of female suppliers and other local stakeholders in adding value, access to markets and access to services

Rokbar works towards climate neutral, organic and tree friendly bars

Rokbar promotes chocolate manufacturing in origin countries, by women for larger economic value creation

Rokbar enables women to perform non traditional women’s jobs (traders, transporters in origin, manufacturers in consuming countries)



tropical climate, at the Ashanti-highlands many cocoa trees have been planted, now cocoa is the main agricultural export product



beautiful landscapes, center of early agricultures, 45% indigenous people like Quechua, 30% is very poor



varied landscapes, densely populated, more then 250 ethnic groups, cocoa is the leading agricultural export product



Rokbar is a women-owned chocolate company based in AMSTERDAM


Ivory Coast

region Marahoué

The team

Anna Laven

Anna Laven

‘What moves me is sustainability. I have been working on sustainable cocoa already for 15 years. For me, Rokbar is personal.’

Noortje Verhart

Noortje Verhart

Chocolate lover and feminist.

‘I’m working on Rokbar because I believe chocolate is able to connect women, to empower them and to increase their well-being.’

Cassandra Salvo

Cassandra Salvo

‘It is proven that when women are in charge of the economy not only do their own children benefit but also the community in which they live!’