Thanks for your compliments and tips

24th and 25th of Februar, the Chocoa-festival, Beurs of Berlage, Amsterdam. Here we were for the first time with our new product, the Rok Bar chocolate bar, 100% made and owned by women. We were proud but also curious: what would you think of our product? Many interested people visited our stand, 67 of you filled out a survey about the taste, the design, the information and the pricing.

Most of you were enthusiastic about the concept. ‘Great stuff. Keep up the good job. Really great story, looking forward to see how it develops’, is what you said. Some of you thought the price was a bit high, some want more information, some don’t like dark chocolate. But overall we got a straight-A report, an average of 8,5 in the Dutch numeral system. Great! With the many tips we got we’ll make Rok Bar an even better product. Thanks for your compliments and tips. We’ll keep you posted and see you next time.