The global effects of COVID-19

In the last few months the world has come to a hold. Except for the caregivers, they work overtime to get the sick people better as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, COVID-19 also has an effect on Rokbar.

Online we talked to Lisi Montoya, the chocolate maker of Rokbar (amoung others) in Peru. There, too, almost everything is on hold. Fortunately she is allowed to work, the food industry is exempt from the lockdown. But only if she is healthy, not older than 50 years and can keep 2 meters away from her employees.

So employees who live further away or are older will stay at home. Lisi does pay them to prevent them from breaking the rules due to financial problems. But Lisi does not dare to say how long she can keep that up.

Exports abroad have come to a complete standstill. So there are no Rokbars sent to the Netherlands (luckily we still have a large stock here). This also means that the production is less, because it can only be sold in Peru.

The most important thing is, of course, that everyone comes out of this pandemic healthy and so Lisi remains hopeful. The peak in Peru seems almost over. Hopefully she can produce more chocolate again soon.